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I am a member of MwH (Men With Honor) . MwH was started in 1999 as a DF2 clan. After a 6 year-long session playing Delta Force games, the team merged with 16AAB. Almost 2 years later, with the death of JO Reality, the team moved to Armed Assult. Most of the group found Arma full of problems and decided to go in a different direction. So we decided to resurrect MwH and once again.


Our friendly community has stayed together over the past 10 year due to our moto, "friends first, games second". Our group has expanded from a core-JO reality gaming group into a fully developed multi gaming clan. Included in our array of games are: Armed Assault, Battlefield 2- Reality, Company Of Heroes, Call of Duty 2, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005, Joint Ops-Reality/IC4, Rome Total War, Empire Earth, etc.

Members are located all over the world... UK, Canada, USA, Germany.


Feb. 2007 - Nov. 2005 -

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